Free Goods Show & Playlist

Sajae records, produces and hosts Free Goods Show, where guests share their new music finds, remixes and deep cuts and sometimes controversial music hot take. The show garnered over 5000 listens across platforms 3 months after premiering. In addition to the show, she curates a Free Goods Playlist featuring new and emerging artists. Season 2 is currently in production.

She Keeps Me Young

For The Ethnic Aisle's Fall 2017 Joy Issue, Sajae wrote and produced the short audio doc “She Keeps Me Young”.

Sydanie is an artist, arts facilitator and self-proclaimed supernatural rapper mom to 3-year old daughter Kifaaya. Both full of life, laughter and wisdom beyond their years, they share their favourite memories and things about each other - and what joy means to both of them.

Photo : Yannick Anton

Photo : Yannick Anton


Sajae founded #GYALCAST, a popular Toronto-based show that focused heavily on pop culture, relationships, politics, identity and everything in between. #GYALCAST would see thousands of average weekly listeners at its height, and surpassed 80,000 total listens since it debuted.